Summer Camp

Join us this Summer for Farm Camp!

All summer long our farm is transformed into a classroom, living laboratory and playground, as we engage in farming and gardening activities, harvest and cook farm fresh snacks, create land-based art, play games, climb trees and tell stories, to deepen our children’s connection their food and the natural world.

Each day on the farm is different as our highly trained mentors cultivate the passions and curiosities of the entire group. 

Enrollment is capped, so register now!


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Most weeks include include some combination of:


Planting, tending to, and harvesting our children’s garden

Climbing trees

Caring for Chickens

Cooking with Fairview produce

Picking strawberries

Cooperative adventures

Nature Awareness activities

Arts and Crafts and so much more . . .


Camp Tuition is on a Sliding Scale: We offer a sliding scale for our summer camp tuition. $275-$400 with $400 representing the full cost of running Farm Camp per child.


Volunteer Opportunities

Teen/CIT program: Opportunities all summer long for teens 13 and up to volunteer, college internships/volunteer opportunities too! Take a quick moment to submit this interest form, we will be in touch shortly!



Turnip Tops for Ages 4-5
Pumpkin Pals for Ages 6-8
Broccoli Bandits for Ages 8-10
6/10-6/14 – Pumpkin Pals 
6/17-21 – Turnip Tops + Pumpkin Pals 
6/24-6/28 – Pumpkin Pals + Broccoli Bandits 
7/8-7/12 – Turnip Tops + Pumpkin Pals 
7/15-7/19 – Pumpkin Pals + Broccoli Bandits 
7/23-7/27 – Turnip Tops + Pumpkin Pals 
7/29-8/2 – Pumpkin Pals + Broccoli Bandits 
8/5-8/9 – Turnip Tops + Pumpkin Pals 
8/12-8/16 – Pumpkin Pals + Broccoli Bandits

Drop off / Pick up times:

Turnip Tops: 9am-1pm
Pumpkin Pals and Broccoli Bandits: 9am-3pm