Mentoring at Fairview Gardens

Fairview Gardens has natural places to explore that most people miss on just one visit. We will climb the Mulberry Tree to spot a bird nest, track animals in the wash and play predator prey in the Avocado forest. This land offers much to explore! We’ll do our share of harvesting and checking on the goats and chickens as well.

Mentoring Philosophy

Few people today question the need for in depth connection to nature. Our mentoring philosophy had it’s genesis over 25 years ago when we realized that when children and adults had deep connection to the natural world that they began to exhibit symptoms of naturalness that manifest as increased ability for empathy, heightened learning abilities, increased vitality and joy of life and a deeper appreciation of nature, family and community.

The more we continued to explore this philosophy, the more powerful the results we achieved. Over the years, science began to catch up with what we intuitively already knew: Time spent outdoors is paramount to the well-being of all people. As powerful as time spent outdoors is, we realized that it became so much more powerful when facilitated by well trained mentors who understood nature connection and were trained in facilitating nature connection.

Here at Fairview Gardens we have the incredible opportunity to combine the power of intense nature connection with the much needed familiarity that comes with being on the same piece of land over and over. Depth of connection is far more important than a small sampling of many different places. Of course each offers benefits, but the learning journey that a person goes through by connecting intimately with the same land drives a learning process that has deep and broad transferability to other genres and specialties. Simply put, once we learn “how to learn”, it applies to anything else we might choose to do. Our education staff understand this mentoring philosophy deeply, and look forward to exploring our unique farm with you!

Farm Life and Sprouts Farm

What’s it really like to be a farmer? Spend your summer learning how to take care of goats or chickens, how to harvest and how a farmers job is never done! This camp combines farm chores, fun and learning experiences with food and open space. Campers learn how to make nutritious snacks, shelters, and friends while exploring life on the farm. Learn to use gardening tools, collect eggs, play traditional games, and complete daily chores. Children participate in appropriate experiential curriculum that creates a greater sense of themselves as stewards of the land. Each program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the age group.

Bugs, Slugs, and More

Have you ever used a magnifying glass? Do you wonder what lurks below the soil? Join us to explore the farm, the air and the soil in search of anything that slithers, crawls or buzzes. Build a worm bin, sample soil, play games, and create new buggy creatures. Of course, we’ll eat like a big too, all the sweet fruits of summer.

Green Planet

Discover the exciting world of food and forests. Learn more about plants, fruits, and vegetables through fun games and activities. Design and build your own camp garden. Learn how to conduct your own experiment in our avocado forest. We’ll learn how to be green while exploring the farm kid style.

Flower Power

Would you like to learn to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Have you ever wondered how a plant eats or breathes? Do we eat flowers? In this exciting camp we will explore the wonderful world of plants, fruits, and vegetables by conducting experiments, dissecting flowers, harvesting, crafts, games and more.

Farmhouse Harvest

A camp for all upcoming chefs, bakers, or just those who love food. We will learn more about food and cooking as we harvest and prepare a new recipe each day. We’ll learn cooking skills, create menus, and how to mind our manners. Bring your appetite for this exciting camp devoted to our health.

Farm Art

Farming may be a science, but it is definitely an art. Art can be found everywhere on a farm from the beautiful colors of seeds to the patterns on wings. Join us for a week of artistic exploration. We will create art from nature, press and dry flowers, make our own recycled paper, and more.

Future Farmers

Work with Us! Whether you’re tending to the fields, harvesting or building a new shelter for the animals, there is plenty of work for everyone. Come and lend a hand! Future Farmers is developed for those wishing to experience the life of a farmer. You’ll have daily chores and goals for the week. Participants will focus on teamwork, motivation, independence and greater understanding of our role as stewards of the land.

Camp Hours

Our camps are full day programs from 9 am until 2 pm for Turnip Tops and from 9 am until 3 pm for all other programs

What to Bring to Camp:

  • Water bottle (refillable)
  • Sunscreen
  • Close Toed Shoes
  • Art T-shirt
  • Hat
  • Snack
  • Lunch

For more information on scheduling contact Kelly