In North America, the average distance that food travels to get from where it is grown to where it is eaten is 1,300 miles. That means the produce in traditional stores is several days old by the time that it is purchased. Fortunately for patrons of the Fairview Gardens produce stand, this is rarely the case as the bulk of our produce is sourced from Fairview’s fields adjacent to the stand as well as from the impressive bounty offered by other local growers in Goleta, Santa Barbara, and surrounding counties. Our produce ordering philosophy is to look first to our own fields, then to other local growers, then to farmers county wide and finally regionally, to meet the diverse needs of our shoppers.

Fairview Gardens | Organic Farm Goleta California | Farm Camps | Farm Education | Organic Farm | Santa BarbaraDepending on what’s in season, you’ll find pyramids of tomatoes and peppers, mountains of melons, baskets of strawberries or mandarins, rows of fresh-picked lettuce and greens and bundles of fresh herbs.

The produce stand doubly serves as an information center for the farm. It’s the place where visitors can catch up on farm news, check the announcements posted at our information kiosk or begin a Self-Guided Tour of the farm.


Farmstand Hours

The farmstand is currently closed while we work in the fields.

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Painting of Fairview Gardens Farm Stand by Santa Barbara Plein Air Artist Chris Potter

Postcards From Santa Barbara a daily painting project by plein air artist Chris Potter.