We still don’t know what is in our food . . .

Well, Prop 37 went down yesterday.

I suppose I’m not too surprised.  The no on 37 spent $23,500,000 on fighting this proposition.  The yes side spent $2,600,000.

The list of companies that fought the proposition:
Naked Juice
Honest Tea
Simply Orange
French Meadow
Morning Star Farms
Bear Naked
Cascadian Farms
Muir Glen
R.W. Knudsen
Santa Cruz Organic
Horizon Organic


Watch this movie:
Genetic Roulette:  The Gamble of our Lives

One of the big critiques was the amount of extra money that it was going to cost to relabel everything.

I was born in Canada and back in the 1970’s Canada went metric.  The fight against this was huge.  One of the main critiques against going metric was exactly the same excuses that were rolled out for Prop 37.
Guess what?  Canada went metric, and the price of things didn’t jump.  Now, metric measurements are on everything as we have moved into a global market situation, where most of the rest of the world is metric.

Europe is fighting hard to keep GMO’s out of it’s food supply, but it is slowly getting chipped away by strong lobby here in the USA.

Companies argued that it was going to be too costly to remake all their recipes if they had to list GMO’s in the prepared food that they sold.
It looks to me like an opportunity to work with farmers to create a system that meets all of our needs in a way we never have before.
There are people out there who will grow what people want to eat.  If these companies go and ask for non-GMO food, farmers will grow it for them.

We need to reclaim our seeds.

Watch this movie as well:
Seeds of Freedom

Then go and listen to Vandana Shiva when she spoke here in Santa Barbara:
Planting the Seeds for Change

Go local, let’s reclaim what is our birthright.