Cottage Food Law Passes!

Our government has made a wonderful step forward recently by passing the California Homemade Food Act (AB 1616). This act allows for the sale of certain homemade food products, namely: baked goods (but with no cream or meat fillings), jams and jellies, granola and other dry cereal, popcorn, waffle cones, nut mixes, chocolate covered non-perishables (such as nuts and dried fruit), roasted coffee, dried herbs, dried tea, dried fruit, honey and candy.

In the past when we had an abundance of strawberries, we would have to send them off to a certified kitchen to get them turned into jam. Now we can do this on the farm!

If I was to sit in my garage and invent a cool new app for my iphone I could get it featured in the Apple store and the barrier to entering the market would be my time and a good computer.

For people who are interested in providing amazing food to sell, up until now it has been a different story. To open a commercial certified kitchen could cost upwards of 1/2 million dollars, with no guarantee that the product being produced was going to be economically viable.

Now with AB 1616 on the books and coming into law as of January 1, people have a chance to bring their creativity and passion to bear on creating amazing food!

Look for cool new stuff coming from the farm starting next year!