A Tomato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

News From the Farm: 

Hi Everyone! How’s your summer going? We’ve been busy on the farm. We will be harvesting tomatoes this week. Our peppers have come to a lull so we will be between crops for a couple weeks, but our summer squash is kicking in and they are just fabulous!

Farm camp is in full swing. It’s been wonderful hearing all the little voices at the farm. One little one even discovered that we have volunteer grapes growing. Yum! It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end.  But don’t worry, we have lots of opportunities for your little farmers during the school year:


See below for details of each of our programs.

Farm Days After School

Each day the children will explore, work and connect with the farm. We will get in the fields and help the farmers plant, weed and harvest crops of the season as well as tend our very own children’s garden. Some days will focus on brushing the goats or making new chicken beds. There will always be time to climb trees, create art, and share stories. This is a beautiful opportunity for the children to connect with a place and food source on a continuous basis. AGES: 5-10 DAYS: Wednesday TIMES: 3pm-5:30pm FALL DATES: : SEPTEMBER 12 – DECEMBER 12 (No program on Nov 21) https://www.fairviewgardens.org/youth-programs/after-school-programs/ Fairview Gardens, 598 North Fairview Ave., Goleta, CA 93117  PAY ONLINE WITH PAYPAL OR YOUR CREDIT CARD ______________________________________________________________________________

NEW PROGRAM in collaboration with Wilderness Youth Project!

We’ll spend half the weeks exploring around Santa Barbara’s front country and   half the weeks at Fairview Gardens in Goleta. The weeks at Fairview will have our fingers in the dirt, planting, tending, and harvesting our gardens.   We’ll witness the leaves falling from sister Mulberry, the Scrub Jays   harvesting the sunflower seeds and other miraculous changes from week to   week. We will plant a fall garden, climb in the avocado orchard and   tend to the goats and chickens.
Alternate weeks we’ll be hopping up at Lizards Mouth, splashing at   our local beaches and discovering the critters living under the logs.
It is the perfect combination of tending one home, while exploring another.

GRADES: 6-8 DAY / TIME: Mondays, 3-6 FALL SESSION 1: September 10-October 15 REGISTRATION IS THROUGH WILDERNESS YOUTH PROJECT   <http://wyp.org/programs/afterschool.htm>  or call 964-8096 for more details



Pickles Class – July 15

Canning Peaches – August 12

Cooking Class: Salads and Seasonal Treats – August 23